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Progress on upcoming show!

"Motherly" Upcoming Show opens May 24 with Artist reception June 21st 5-7PM at Pablo Center at the Confluence in Eau Claire Wisconsin.

I'm working with Tim Brudnicki + Ross Nordquist to create a cohesive show. Tim approached us initially with the theme. Appropriately for a springtime show, I am exploring nesting birds and instincts surrounding the challenge of raising young. As primarily woodworkers, I've worked with both of them collaboratively. Ross also paints. We have started the large scale paintings together - which was super fun.

Tim asked me to think about doing something on the walls. My contributions will be large scale paintings, and a relief sculpture. I'm using new materials for painting - old billboards and house paint. The sculpture is my first parade into parametric design. Tim has a CNC machine which cut the designed forms out of plywood. Below is an image of the sculpture I call "Mothers Dream"which is 30' long and 20' high.

We will prepare an artist talk, sharing our views on motherly, art processes, and what it's been like collaborating for the last year and a half.

Hope I get to see some of you on June 21st at Pablo Center at the Confluence 5-7PM!


*Tim and I have a small public art business details of which can be found here:  

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