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Appreciation for collaboration

I couldn't have done the show without these guys: Ross Norquist + Tim Brudnicki. The show theme and invite to us to join "Motherly" was by Tim . What came next was a year of contemplation alone with my own mother with nature and with my collaborators. at this point, it's a year of contemplation which has brought the need for more time for reflection. In other words - When creating happens, it just happens and I don't question it. It is the meaning that comes later. I haven't spent a lot of time in my head about this. My involvement in the community garden and local arts groups, and the city has provided opportunity for people to tell me what their experience of the art installation was for them. It is a total show of three people who put it together and all of the support staff Bob A-Z, Erika Crotty and Pablo - and this not least my partner Deirdre Jenkins, Mother and Mother Nature. Gratitude

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