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Updated: Jun 6


1.  …that we rented a beach house together.  A real beauty walks in wearing only combat boots. 

2.   She turns to a bar has a drink and says “I’m going to go have sex with Ross” and walks into Ross’s room.  


3. Outside of the home is a horny toad, who I’m told by others is an extinct reptile.  The Horny toad climbs down from a ledge he is hiding in.  He is a bit larger than a small dog. 

4 .He argues with large ants   


4.5 and also eats the ones that are not fire ants.

5.Horny Toads cannot survive eating fire ants.  The horny toad uses "occular autohemorraging”.  OA we can call it, which is to intentionally burst small capillaries within the eye.  Horny Toads use OA to defend against the fire ants.  They have been found to have good aim with the stream.

You guys wanna get some lunch on Friday at 12 noon?  Same location

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